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Back to School Eye Exams from Our Meridian Eye Doctor

As children head back to school, it's an important time to keep eye health in mind. Children, teens (and adults) need sharp vision when they attend class, participate in school activities and play sports. Our Meridian eye doctor reminds parents and students that now is the time to visit your local eye care expert, our optometrist, for a complete eye exam. Our optometrist is a specialist in diagnosing and treating vision problems --often before kids (or their parents) notice that they have trouble seeing sharply.back to school eye exams from our meridian eye doctor

How to Get the Best Eye Care in Meridian: See the Community's Eye Expert

Don't wait for poor grades or teacher observations to tell you that your child may need vision correction. In order to get the most out of education, and do their best, and develop a love of learning, children must see as clearly as is possible. Our Meridian eye doctor is experienced, specially trained and equipped with the best technology to help uncover any visual deficiency and recommend the best method to improve eyesight and eye health.

There is certainly nothing wrong with going to see your pediatrician if you suspect your child has a vision problem. In most cases, however, he or she will refer you to the acknowledged eye care expert for precise vision screening and vision correction if needed. The screening provided by your child's school is also well and good, but for the proper solution to improve your children's eye health, there is no substitute for seeing your optometrist for pediatric vision care. 

Symptoms of Vision Problems in Children

Your child should see our Meridian optometrist if you notice: 

  • Rubbing the eyes frequently
  • Showing extreme light sensitivity, becoming fretful in sunlight, squinting, eye watering
  • Focusing problems or blurry vision
  • Poor eye coordination or visual tracking when following an object
  • Misalignment of the eyes (in children more than 6 months old)
  • Unusual eye movements (after 6 months of age)
  • Frequent red eyes
  • Excessive tearing of the eyes
  • One eye pupil appears white instead of black
  • Anything that concerns you about your child's eyes or visual ability

Eye Care Should Start Early

Even as infants, children can benefit from an optometric eye exam. This helps ensure that the little one's eyes are developing properly and allows our eye doctor in Meridian to detect functional problems, like eye coordination issues (such as Lazy eye or amblyopia) and more. Our optometrist can also identify any problems with visual sharpness quite early in life and can test a young child's visual acuity even before he or she is able to read. This allows for pediatric vision correction before the child starts their schooling--and gets them off on the track to doing well in school.

Where to Get Expert Pediatric Eye Care in Meridian

If your child is headed back to school and hasn't had a comprehensive eye exam in the past year, now is the time to make an appointment with our Meridian optometrist. Also, contact us if you have any concerns about your child's vision or eye health. If you haven't been taking your child for yearly eye exams, now is the perfect time to begin the tradition. We also perform eye exams and related services for the entire family. Call Pediatric Eyecare and Optical in Meridian at 601-485-2020 today.