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Blue Light Blocking Lenses Can Help You Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome

A majority of people are now spending a large portion of their day in front of a computer screen. Whether it’s for work or leisure, staring at a laptop screen, monitor or mobile device is now occupying many hours of our time.
Woman straining her eyes while on the computer.
While these devices bring many modern conveniences, there is also a price to pay in terms of vision and eye health. “Computer vision syndrome” and eye strain are among the most common results of extended use of the computer. Some of the symptoms of computer vision issues include:

  • Eye strain and soreness
  • Eye pain
  • Red eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Tired eyes
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches

Additional symptoms can include neck, shoulder and back pain due to making strained adjustments in a posture to compensate for blurred vision while using a computer.

Eye Doctors in Meridian Bring Relief for Computer Vision

Fortunately, there is help for computer vision and eye strain related to your use of technology. Primary Eyecare and Optical of Meridian are your eye doctors in Meridian for access to the innovative blue light blocking lenses. Blue light blocking lenses can help to both treat computer vision and prevent future flare-ups. They are your best defense against eye strain related to your use of technology. 

The professional optometrists at Primary Eyecare and Optical of Meridian can assist in a range of eye health and vision issues related to extensive use of technology. This Meridian optometrist serving Clarke County and Kemper County areas offers the premier Hoya BlueTech blue light blocking lenses for computer vision relief. These glasses can alleviate eye strain symptoms related to technology use.

How Blue Light Blocking Lenses Work

Blue light blocking lenses, sometimes called computer glasses, have some key differences from standard eyeglasses, bifocals or reading glasses. Computer glasses like the Hoya BlueTech blue light blocking lenses are specially made to optimize the eyesight of those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen.

The main feature of these glasses is their ability to filter out a sizeable portion of the blue light that computer screens emanate. This blue light is the main cause of the stress and strain that looking at a computer screen can put on the eyes and vision. These lenses appear clear just like standard glasses lenses, but they have the added feature of protecting the eyes from the harshest light radiated by computer screens.

Customized Computer Glasses for Your Vision Needs

Blue light blocking lenses are available in both prescription and non-prescription varieties. Bifocal and no-line multifocal versions are also available for those who require this type of correction. Tints and protective lens coatings can be added to computer glasses.

The optometrists at Primary Eyecare and Optical of Meridian serving Clarke County and Kemper County areas are your source for relief from computer vision and eye strain. Our professional eye doctors in Meridian are ready to assist you in connecting with the ideal blue light blocking lenses for your needs.Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment today at 601-485-2020