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Visually Evoked Potential: VEP Testing With Your Meridian Optometrist

Meridian optometrist VEP Testing

Primary Eyecare and Optical of Meridian, MS is your local source for advanced vision and eye care services for the entire family. Led by Dr. Minh Duong and Dr. Jennifer Dooley, we're proud to be one of the only optometry clinics in the area offering some of the most cutting-edge diagnostic technology, including VEP testing.

What Is VEP Testing? Our Meridian Eye Doctor Explains

Our Meridian eye doctor and staff use innovative vision testing technology created by the company Diopsys®. One type of Diopsys® vision testing, known as VEP testing, checks how well your brain and eyes communicate each other. If testing indicates that communication is off, this may suggest the presence of an underlying condition affecting your vision and eye health. 

VEP, which stands for visual evoked potential, is a measurement of the strength and speed of the visual information sent to your brain via the optic nerve. These signals originally begin as light entering your eye through your pupil. The light is then focused on a thin tissue on the inside of the back of your eye called the retina. The retina then converts this light into electrical energy. It is this electrical signal which is transmitted to and processed by the brain and allows us to see. 

During a VEP testing session, you'll sit in front of a specialized computer screen while covering one eye (and later the other eye). Sensory pads are placed on your head to collect information during the test. Once the session begins, a series of black and white platters appear on the screen, "flipping" rapidly and repeatedly. Your role is to simply look at the pattern. The sensory pads digitally record the electrical activity within your visual system, and this information is then analyzed by our Meridian eye doctor. 

How Can VEP Testing Help Improve Eye Care in Meridian MS?

VEP testing improves eye care by allowing our Meridian eye doctor to painlessly and non-invasively assess the function of your visual system. This technology can screen for certain eye diseases, including optical nerve disorders and glaucoma. VEP testing has also been used to screen for and diagnose other neurological diseases, such as multiple sclerosis. 

In addition to routine comprehensive eye exams, VEP testing promotes early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of eye health conditions. Earlier intervention improves outcomes for our patients since treatment can be initiated before a disease progress has advanced significantly. For conditions that are progressive in nature, including multiple sclerosis, VEP testing can also be helpful for tracking the changes to a person's visual system over time. 

Wondering If VEP Testing Could Help You? Call Our Meridian Optometrist Staff Today

Our optometrist and staff at Primary Eyecare & Optical of Meridian believe that you deserve the best of what we have to offer to help diagnose, treat, and prevent vision and eye health issues. That's why we're proud to offer VEP testing among our advanced eye care services and technology. If you're interested in VEP testing, call our Meridian, MS clinic today at 601-485-2020. Be sure to ask one of our friendly staff members about our current specials and for first-time clients.