It’s difficult to imagine a life without your sense of sight. You use your eyes almost every second of the day to complete all sorts of tasks. That’s why taking care of them is essential for clear vision, especially when they tend to deteriorate as you grow older. To keep them healthy, visit an optometrist in Meridian, MS regularly and remember these basic dos and don’ts:

Do: Consume Nutritious Foods

Having a balanced diet is the most basic step to disease prevention and optimal health. Your daily intake should consist of foods that are rich in eye-friendly nutrients, such as zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and Vitamins A, C, and E. These include various fruits, leafy vegetables, fatty fish, and dairy products.

Don’t: Overwork Your Eyes

Our technology-driven lifestyle often leads to eye problems, such as computer vision syndrome (CVS). Staring at the bright LED display of your phone, laptop, or TV for long periods causes strain, fatigue, and blurred vision. So, taking breaks every 20 minutes is necessary to prevent discomfort.

Avoid working in poor lighting conditions, too. A dim environment can tire and strain your eyes quickly, which lessens your concentration and lowers your productivity.

Do: Put on Protective Eyewear

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight doesn’t just harm your skin but also your eyes. Ultraviolet (UV)-A and -B rays can impair your vision permanently, depending on the length of the exposure and amount of radiation. To minimize the risk of developing cataracts and other diseases resulting from UV damage, wear sunglasses with adequate sun protection when you’re heading outdoors.

You should also put on appropriate eyewear when you’re playing extreme sports or working in a hazardous environment. If you’re handling chemicals, lasers, or flying debris, wear safety goggles as well as protective gear for your face and body.

Don’t: Skip the Yearly Checkup

An eye checkup is an essential part of your annual head-to-toe physical exam. Even if you have no trouble reading or viewing objects from afar, a regular visit to the optometrist’s clinic promotes disease prevention and early treatment of existing conditions.

Some vision problems in children, like uneven focus or amblyopia, usually have no obvious symptoms at their initial stages. So, receiving pediatric eye care in Meridian, MS is vital for early detection.

Make an Appointment for an Eye Exam Today

Applying these basic dos and don’ts to your lifestyle will help you maintain optimal vision and reduce the risk of getting eye diseases. To learn more tips and enhance your ocular health, see an optometrist in Meridian, MS today. Primary Eyecare and Optical of Meridian provides comprehensive eye exams that use up-to-date technology for the accurate diagnosis and treatment of different medical conditions.