Have you ever thought about not going to an eye clinic because you feel like there’s no reason for you to get your eyes checked? Perhaps, the glasses you’ve been wearing for years still feel right, or you just visited an eye doctor last year, so you don’t have to go again this time? If so, then you’re probably among the people who believe that you only need to get your eyes checked when you have vision problems. But the truth is, the importance of regular eye checkups goes beyond just making sure you can still see clearly. Here are some of the reasons why getting an annual eye exam is essential:

Myopia Is Becoming Prevalent

Myopia or nearsightedness, while being one of the most common vision problems among Americans, is recently becoming more frequent among school-aged kids. And without early diagnosis and treatment, it can progress into potentially serious eye conditions later in life. Getting an annual eye exam is the best way not only for children but also for adults to assess the risk or presence of myopia for immediate control measures.

Other Health Risks Can Be Detected

Eye tests aren’t only for detecting problems in the eye. These can also identify other health concerns like high blood pressure and cancer. For people with diabetes or who have a family history of the disease, comprehensive eye exams are especially necessary. Such a test is critical to detect early signs of diabetic retinopathy, which is one of the leading causes of blindness among American adults.

Continuous Monitoring of Eye Health Among Contact Lens Wearers

Contact lenses offer clear vision, and for some, a better and more comfortable alternative to glasses. However, despite its advantages, wearing them can also come with certain risks. As lenses reduce the amount of oxygen on the eye’s surface, an optometrist needs to regularly monitor your tear film and ensure that your eye health is in good condition.

Schedule an Eye Exam Today

So, should you really get your eyes checked annually? The answer is yes. Even if you think you have the perfect vision and you have no reason to do it, getting a regular eye test would protect not only your eyes but also your overall health. And Primary Eyecare and Optical of Meridian is here to help you with that. We offer comprehensive eye and vision exams that use only state-of-the-art technology to ensure accurate results for our patients. Book an appointment now.