Research shows that children often don’t complain when they develop vision problems. This may cause the issue to go unnoticed and become more serious. As their guardian, you need to look for signs of pediatric eye problems to prevent this from happening. Listed below are some things you have to take note of:


People usually squint when they are struggling to see an object in front of them. If you notice your child doing this often, it might mean that they are nearsighted. Children with this condition can clearly see things near them but have difficulty looking at farther objects.

Being nearsighted can be challenging for anyone, especially for children attending school. They may have trouble reading the things written on the blackboard, which may affect their grades.

Covering One Eye

Children are ingenious in coming up with creative ways to solve their problems without telling any grownups. Sometimes, when they notice that their eyes don’t work well together, they cover the eye with the poorer vision.

This habit can be an indication of convergence insufficiency. It is an eye teaming problem that hinders your child’s eyes from working together when looking at a nearby object. One of their eyes may turn the opposite way and cause double or blurred vision.

Eye Fatigue and Headaches

When your child has a vision problem, they may have to put more effort into focusing on things they see every day. Doing this continuously may strain the eye and cause headaches.

If your child is often complaining of eye strain and headaches, it is best to consult a pediatric eye care specialist. An eye doctor will be able to determine whether your child’s headache is related to their vision problem and resolve the issue.

Rubbing Eyes

In addition to headaches, eye strain may cause irritation and dryness. This can be uncomfortable for your child and may lead them to rub their eyes a lot. It would be beneficial to consult an eye specialist as soon as possible to avoid any physical damage to your child’s eyes.

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