Eye Treatment Options

The eye care team at Primary Eyecare and Optical of Meridian is committed to helping all of our patients to lead better lives by maximizing their ability to participate and function in their daily activities. While every individual patient requires a unique eye treatment, our doctors have extensive clinical experience treating many of the most common eye diseases and conditions.

What We Treat

In addition to convergence or binocular vision problems, such as myopia or “nearsightedness,” and amblyopia or “lazy eye,” your optometrists treat a variety of eye conditions, including:


Glaucoma is a nuanced group of diseases causing progressive vision loss due to damage to the optic nerve, usually caused by increased pressure inside the eyes. The eye treatment options our specialists use to treat glaucoma include eye drops, medication, and in some cases, surgery.

Seasonal Allergies
The itchy, teary, and often red appearance of the eyes during the spring, summer, or fall are classic symptoms of seasonal allergies. Environmental allergens stimulate a heightened histamine response in sensitive individuals which leads to uncomfortable eye symptoms. The doctors at Primary Eyecare & Optical of Meridian provide relief by prescribing eye drops and may recommend wearing eyeglasses instead of contacts during the most sensitive times of the year.
Dry Eyes
Dry eyes, including a lack of tears, can be caused by allergies, advancing age, medications, certain medical conditions, or even long-term contact use. Our eye and vision care team helps you to achieve proper eye care to combat dry eyes. We may prescribe eye drops that can increase or retain tears, or add artificial tears via specialized solutions.
Eye Infections/Foreign Object Removal

We understand that accidents happen. If you or a loved one sustains an eye injury, we skillfully and carefully provide the eye treatment to the acute condition, either by removing a lodged foreign object, prescribing medication, or providing eye drops. Our eye and vision care specialists can educate you on ways to prevent eye damage in your life. One of the best ways to prevent eye problems is to see the eye doctors at Primary Eyecare and Optical of Meridian regularly for checkup and eye exam.

Need an Eye Exam?